Incentive Programs

At Haven Industries, we can provide powerful premium incentive programs that will award, motivate, reward, retain and/or recognize participatingIncentive Programs Corporate Employees, Sales Members, and/or Customers. We can coordinate catalogs, fulfillment services, and administration services to maximize ROI and meet your target objectives.


If you're facing the business challenges of increasing sales, motivating employees, recognizing customer loyalty, or rewarding performance for a job well done, contact us regarding our Award & Incentive Programs. We can assist you with Sales Incentive, Employee Motivation, Service Award, Employee Recognition Programs and more with convenient and cost-effective solutions.


Recognition & Award Programs

In this rapidly changing business environment, keeping a satisfied workforce is the key to increased profitability. Companies with high turnover ratios tend to spend a large percentage of profit dollars on recruiting, replacing and training employees. In addition, companies with motivated and satisfied employees are more likely to have high customer service levels and therefore satisfied customers. Also, think about expanding your programs to include distributors, suppliers and independent reps.

Build employee recognition and award programs that will acknowledge exemplary performance or behavior patterns. Programs can either be ongoing or have a particular duration. The first step is to establish the goals and objectives of your program, and then set the parameters.


Incentive Programs

Incentive programs typically motivate employees and/or customers by offering a reward or prize for an accomplished goal. That goal may be sales related, profit related or even task related. Whatever the objective, the end result is a motivated team, satisfied customers and increased profits!

Think about your audience and who will be eligible to participate in your program: Sales members? Corporate employees? Distributors? Suppliers? Independent reps? Managers? Customers? Are the participants involved directly related to the objective and goals of your program?



Premium Brand Name Products 

  • Sony Electronics
  • Bose sound systems
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Skil, Black & Decker, Makita tools
  • Ping & Nike Golf
  • Coleman Gear
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Many more to choose from...


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